Jessica Kennedy-Dance Moms Miami

Jessica Kennedy Dance Moms MiamiJessica Marie Kennedy has been with Stars Dance Studio since it opened in 2007 and is going  to be on Dance Moms Miami.  Jessica was born on November 10th 1997.  She is the oldest of the group that will be portrayed on Lifetime’s Dance Moms Miami.  Jessi danced at Encore before she went to Stars Dance Studio.  She is 14 years old and has a Facebook Fan Page,TwitterFacebook, Youtube account, and Instagram.  Jessi has an older brother named Joseph who is 15 and in 9th grade; he wrestles and plays football for his high school. Jessi’s mother Susan Kennedy will also appear on Dance Moms Miami, she is a paralegal.  Jessica’s favorite style of dance to perform is contemporary and her favorite styles of dance to watch are jazz, lyrical, hip hop and contemporary.  When she grows up she wants to dance in a dance company.  If Jessica does not end up dancing she wants to be an actress because she loves to perform.  Her favorite subject in school is  Math and her favorite color is aqua, green or teal.

Dancer Probz


  1. Nicole

    Hi jessica!
    You are such a good dancer and i love the show!!
    You are also really really pretty!!
    Love Nicole

  2. Kayla

    Hey Jessi
    i am very proud of you for following your dream you are an amazing dancer i am your age and i wish i followed my dreams cause i to dance and i enjoy singing and acting to but i never really did anything with it other than a few things but past that i did not really do anything to get anywere but you have SOOOOO much talent and if you just keep it up you will make it big i promise. :)

  3. Justin Vaughn

    hey Jessi I love your dance move it so awesome you do the solo you are amazing and you are beautiful dancer from justin

  4. Sam

    ARE YOU STAYING ON DANCE MOMS?!?!?!?! (miami) I really hope you do. You have incredible talent. I feel like some of this is staged. Becuase its too dramatic, but like your mom looked reaally mad in episode 8. i really hope you stay. you deserve it and if you leave i will miss u terribly will thr be a season 2? I like dance moms miami SO MUCH BETTER THEN DANCE MOMS! dance moms miami has angel and victor who aren’t beasts like abby. abby has too many problems. and i like the kids better and the talent is better. i mean honestly maddie like doesn’t compare to anyone on your team. YOUR AMAZING and so is everyone else. :})

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